Sunday, May 6, 2012

Earn Back the Cost of Your Paperly Starter Kit

Here's a little secret: Become a Paperly Consultant in May and you can earn back the cost of your Starter Kit by the end of the month!


Actually, it's fairly easy. Paperly's May Hostess Promotion provides Hostesses with up to an additional $25 in free Credits, right?

Paperly's May 2012 Hostess promotion

Well, Paperly's Starter Kit is only a $99 investment - shipping included (but not sales tax). Paperly's average party in 2011 was ~$450.  For the sake of argument, let's round up to $500. (After all, that $50 difference is just a set of 50 personalized flat or folded notes. I'm confident you can sell that one extra set!)  Anyway, with a $500 party, May's Hostesses earn $90 in free product.

So a $99 investment in Paperly's Starter Kit can yield $90 in free product for a near average party.  Hmmm....

Now let's say your first party as a new Paperly Consultant is your own. After all, it's fairly common to start your Paperly business with a "Kick Off Party" where you are the Hostess and you invite your close friends and family over to share Paperly's amazing products.  So now you are going to benefit from the $90 in free products. Again, hmmm....

So not to belabor the math, but a $99 investment turns into $90 in free products.

And this is before you even count the $30 Paperly gives you to spend at Paperly's Marketing Portal on personalized items of your choosing (e.g. business cards, postcards, signage, etc.) as well as the 40% off Paperly gives you within your first 40 days as a new Consultant to purchase personalized samples.

$90 in free products (on average), plus $30 in personalized marketing materials, plus 40% off personalized samples, plus training, plus a replicated website, plus a Virtual Office, plus loose samples, plus, plus, plus... 

Paperly's loose samples
Paperly's Loose Samples

As one of my favorite commercials in Chicago states, "it's the biggest no brainer in the history of no brainers".

I hope you too decide to earn back the cost your Starter Kit.  It's truly an amazing opportunity.

- Jay Rudman, CEO, Paperly
The leading direct seller of personalized stationery & gifts