Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comparing Commissions

The feedback from Consultants regarding Paperly's new Commission & Career Plan, which is still relatively new (we just launched it on 09/01/10), has been overwhelmingly positive. And yet, I still occasionally hear from folks interested in joining Paperly, "Why are Paperly’s commissions limited to 26% when I see other direct selling companies offering 30, 40 even 50%?" Nothing could be farther from the truth!

  1. Paperly's average party size in 2010 neared $450. I believe the industry average is closer to $350. Clearly, larger parties means larger commissions, so be sure to ask other companies what their average part size is.
  2. Paperly’s Consultants do not need to carry inventory. Instead, Paperly's products are personalized and drop-shipped. No inventory means no additional investment beyond the Starter Kit. This is not true for most other companies. They need to offer a higher commission rate, because their Consultants need to re-invest in additional samples and inventory. Therefore, do not looking solely at raw commissions. Instead, you need to calculate your "return on investment" – i.e. how much you make versus how much you spend.
  3. Paperly’s 26% is merely its base rate. Many of Paperly's Consultants earn substantial bonuses (up to 12%) by hitting achievable personal sales targets. Also, the 26% does not count the additional commissions a Consultant can earn: e.g. downline commissions (up to 6%) and team/generation bonuses (up to 8%).
  4. Lastly, when I helped build Paperly's commission plan, I was adamant that a Consultant could be successful via (i) personal sales, (ii) building a team or (iii) both. I talk to Consultants every day and I know each ticks differently: some like to sell, some like to recruit… and that’s perfectly okay with Paperly. Please be wary of any direct selling company that requires you to recruit as the only way to be successful.
All that said, I think Paperly’s Plan is VERY competitive. Don't be blinded by looking solely at base rates, because so many other factors go into your final payout. Truly, the best advice I can offer when you’re trying to compare commission plans is: Find a company and product that you absolutely love, share your passion with everyone you know, and you’ll likely be very successful.

Happy Holidays,
Jay Rudman, CEO * Co-Owner, Paperly

Monday, December 13, 2010

Give Yourself a Gift

What gift are you most excited about this Christmas? Jewelry? Clothes? Something else your heart fancies?

Although jewelry and clothes are wonderful and appreciated, wouldn't you truly want (and deserve) a gift that:
  • Provides the potential for unlimited financial gains
  • Realizes a lifelong dream to be your own boss
  • Enables you to have tap into your fun, creative self
Doesn't that sound like the perfect gift?

All too often, we're so eager to spend hundreds of dollars on others, but once that money is spent, and that gift is consumed, it's gone forever. That's the difference between spending and investing. Spending does not reap future rewards; investing does.

Just last week, I received a note from a potential Paperly Consultant who said, "I want to join Paperly, but I have to wait until after Christmas, because I've already overspent my budget." I bit my tongue and replied, "Great – Can’t wait!" In truth, I really wanted to say, "All the more reason to join Paperly now! Invest in your future; earn back what you've spent; start making money rather than simply spending it!"

Of course, I appreciate that 'tis the season to give. I agree – give to the homeless, the jobless, and the parentless (among others). But also give to yourself and your future. Invest in your future, and come next Christmas, you may never overspend your budget again.

Happy holidays,
Jay Rudman, CEO * Co-Owner, Paperly

Friday, December 3, 2010

Actually, It’s a Great Time

Over the past few days, I’ve heard from a few potential Consultants that they’re concerned they've "missed Paperly’s holiday selling season", so why should they join now?

Actually, it’s a great time to join Paperly!

Why? Well, to be honest, there's probably never a perfect time to join, right? You’re too busy at work, you’re traveling too much, your kids have been sick, etc. Given that there’s always something going on in your life, and without sounding overly flippant about an important decision, but why not now?


1. January is typically a big month at Paperly, because customers need lots and lots of thank you notes. So if you join Paperly now, you can spend December selling last-minute holiday items as well as getting up-to-speed for a big January.

2. Although it has yet to be officially announced, Paperly plans its first-ever incentive trip in 2011, with the qualification period starting on 01/01/11. So if you join Paperly now, you’re able to accumulate points from the beginning of the contest.

3. Even though Christmas will come and go all-too-fast, it’s quickly followed by Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, confirmation and Father’s Day, among a handful of other occasions along the way.

Basically, there’s always a reason and need for personalized stationery. Wouldn’t it be nice if you started off the New Year with a new career – something you’re passionate about? If so, then now is the perfect time for Paperly!

Jay Rudman, CEO * Co-Owner, Paperly