Friday, January 18, 2013

Paperly Milestones

A new year is always a good time to reflect on past accomplishments. Fortunately, Paperly has accomplished a lot since its inception. Below are just a few highlights:

2008: Launched with 6 Consultants
After spending 12-18 months germinating the idea, we finally launched Paperly... very, very softly.  We invited 6 friends & family members to join as Consultants. Why only 6? Because we did not have an ordering system, a multi-level compensation plan, or even a fulfillment partner. We first had to ensure the business model worked - and boy did it ever! We quickly went from 6 Consultants to 36 to 125 to 300+.

2010: Direct Selling Association Member
Of the thousands of direct selling companies, only around 200 in the United States pass muster with the Direct Selling Association. The application is an arduous 12 month task. That said, Paperly knew it was the "new kid on the block" and needed the DSA's "stamp of approval" in order to distance itself from other fly-by-night businesses. In 2010, Paperly earned membership into the DSA and has retained its membership every year since.

2011: Picked by as "The New Guard of Direct Selling"
Paperly had the very good fortune of being highlighted by as "The New Guard of Direct Selling". Considering 2 other companies mentioned - J. Hilburn and Stella & Dot - have developed well-known brands, Paperly feels strongly about the path it is on.

2011 & 2012: Recognized by the DSA for Ethical Standards
As mentioned above, only ~200 companies in the United States are members of the DSA. And of those 200, less than 25% have been recognized for their participation in the DSA's Code of Ethics Communication Initiative. Amazingly, Paperly has been recognized 2 years in a row... and plans to earn recognition again in 2013.

2012: Won 2 Product Innovation Awards
On 2012, Paperly became the only 2x winner of the DSA's prestigious ETHOS Awards for Product Innovation. Paperly won for its personalized iPhone cases and its personalized cutting boards.

Paperly wins 2 ETHOS Awards for Product Innovation

And this is just a taste of Paperly's accomplishments. We could also highlight our first President's Council, Future Leaders Program, National Conference and much, much more. Please, if you wish to learn more about Paperly and its successes, I recommend you attend a Paperly Opportunity Event. The no cost, no obligation, 30-minute call provides a further glimpse into Paperly's past, present and future. Registration is required: Hope to talk with you then!

- Jay Rudman, CEO/Co-Founder, Paperly