Monday, December 13, 2010

Give Yourself a Gift

What gift are you most excited about this Christmas? Jewelry? Clothes? Something else your heart fancies?

Although jewelry and clothes are wonderful and appreciated, wouldn't you truly want (and deserve) a gift that:
  • Provides the potential for unlimited financial gains
  • Realizes a lifelong dream to be your own boss
  • Enables you to have tap into your fun, creative self
Doesn't that sound like the perfect gift?

All too often, we're so eager to spend hundreds of dollars on others, but once that money is spent, and that gift is consumed, it's gone forever. That's the difference between spending and investing. Spending does not reap future rewards; investing does.

Just last week, I received a note from a potential Paperly Consultant who said, "I want to join Paperly, but I have to wait until after Christmas, because I've already overspent my budget." I bit my tongue and replied, "Great – Can’t wait!" In truth, I really wanted to say, "All the more reason to join Paperly now! Invest in your future; earn back what you've spent; start making money rather than simply spending it!"

Of course, I appreciate that 'tis the season to give. I agree – give to the homeless, the jobless, and the parentless (among others). But also give to yourself and your future. Invest in your future, and come next Christmas, you may never overspend your budget again.

Happy holidays,
Jay Rudman, CEO * Co-Owner, Paperly

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