Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DeeDee’s Paperly Party

DeeDeeM, a Paperly Consultant located in a northwest suburb of Chicago, recently documented two of her Paperly parties using Paperly’s Flip video camera. Thanks DeeDee for sharing with us how fun and easy a Paperly party is.

Pre-Party Preparations
I absolutely love the things DeeDee has prepared for her party including a card of upcoming holidays/occasions, a sign that reads “Host your own stationery party”, wish lists and an Open Date Calendar (see Karen Phelps' website for more information). A bit of prior planning goes a long way towards maximizing sales and booking future parties. Great job DeeDee.

(Sorry for the sideways video.)

Displays, Displays and Displays
I find it amazing how creative Paperly’s Consultants are in displaying their samples (see Crystal’s and Bridget’s displays). What a great idea, DeeDee, to use the shoe rack. As she said in a subsequent email, “…the shoe rack is an easy, clean way to display the folded notes and to see so many different designs”. I completely agree!

At The Party
This is a great video for two reasons. First, we finally get to see DeeDee (she’s on the left). Yea! Second, this video shows that the Paperly purchasing process is collaborative… it’s a creative partnership between the customer and the Consultant. I often hear from others how Paperly provides an outlet for their creative flair.

Actually, I have a third reason why I like this video – because you can hear in the background how lively and fun a Paperly party is!

Straight from the Hostesses
Lastly, below are two snippets from the Hostesses of DeeDee’s parties. Of all the videos, hearing from the Hostess – how they used their Hostess Rewards and had so much fun at their party – is always my favorite. Hearing their praise of DeeDee and seeing their delight with the products brings a BIG smile to my face.

(Don't you think both Sarah and Janel should become Paperly Consultants?
They'd be amazing!)

Thank you DeeDee for sharing your Paperly parties with us. If you're in NW Chicago and you're interested in hosting a party for DeeDee, you can find her at

As for the Flip recorder? It's already on its way out to the West Coast. Stay tuned...

Jay Rudman, CEO, Paperly

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