Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paperly's Future Leaders Program

In 2011, one of Paperly's top priorities has been to teach its Consultants how to grow their Paperly business via a rigorous Leadership and Development program. Thus, in early 2011, we led our first class through Paperly's inaugural Future Leaders Program. Four of Paperly's top performers graduated after undergoing a challenging four month program. Next month, I am excited that Paperly will graduate its second Future Leaders class. Congrats to all the grads.

So what is Paperly's Future Leaders Program (FLP)? The objective of the program is to help currently successful Consultants develop the skills and habits necessary to dramatically advance their Paperly business: i.e. more parties, higher sales and larger teams. In short, the FLP will teach Consultants a process, that when followed, should help them create consistently improved results.

Future Leaders are chosen because of their initial success as well as their strong desire to succeed with Paperly. Paperly commits significant time and effort to help Future Leaders become even more successful. In return, Paperly expects its Future Leaders to make an equivalent commitment, including:
  • Attend all 4 monthly FLP calls.
  • Attend all regularly scheduled, Consultant-only training calls on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  • Conduct at least ___ parties per month. The number of parties is determined collectively by the group to ensure buy-in by all.
  • Complete all homework assignments. 
The monthly FLP calls cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:
  • Advanced Personal Selling
  • Building Your Business by Building Your Team
  • Leading and Developing Your Team
I am proud of the Future Leaders Program Paperly has put together. I know we have a long way to go to build a best-in-class leadership and development program, but I feel we're on the right path.  I am a big believer that Paperly will only go as far as its leaders take it. Therefore, i am committed to ensure training will remain a top priority in 2012.

- Jay Rudman, CEO, Paperly

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