Friday, May 14, 2010

"What’s in a Name?" - by BrendaG, Paperly Consultant

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would see a rack of the mini-personalized license plates for your bike?  I do!  I would always get so excited when I would see those raised colored letters spelling out BRENDA on the display rack. Finally, on a family vacation to Colorado, I bought one.  How I loved putting it on my banana seat bike when we arrived back in Iowa.  Over time, I also remember getting a key ring, a placemat, a bracelet, and a necklace with my name on them.  These gifts are all memorable because of the personalization.

Don’t even get me started about how much more I love monogrammed pieces!  That really gets me going!  I was even among those preppy kids in junior high school in the 80’s who wore my navy blue and kelly green monogrammed sweater proudly.  When my husband and I were married, I ordered invitations, thank you notes, and paper napkins all with our monogram.  I just loved how elegant the monogram made them look.

Surely, I am not alone.  Who doesn’t notice and appreciate their name in print?  That’s why Paperly is perfect for me.  I am just crazy about the beautiful designs and the personalization of stationery, placemats, platters, etc.  Now, not only can I indulge in getting things with my name on it but I love helping others to make their selections. 

Just today an order arrived at my door which included flat notes with a woman’s name embossed on the cards.  They look beautiful and professional.  This customer was initially just purchasing a set of cute gift stickers for her daughters (who have Chinese names, so impossible to find on the mini-license plates).  She then casually mentioned that she had planned on buying plain note cards to use professionally.  You know the kind that simply says “Thank you” on the front.  I began to show her how much of an impact her printed name in a beautiful black font could look on a simple ivory card. She was sold.  The difference was not the ivory card, it was the personalization of the card.

In my opinion, the key to success at Paperly is to get excited about selling someone on their name!  Remind them how much they appreciate having stationery with his/her name on it.  Tell them how much people love receiving personalized stationery.  Paperly is not just stationery, it’s the value of a person’s name.

BrendaG, Paperly Consultant

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