Monday, June 20, 2011

Pam's Paperly Party

Thank you so much to Pam, a Maryland-based Consultant, for letting us peek inside one of your Paperly parties. The part I like most about this series of videos (besides the amazing job Pam is doing as a Consultant!) is that Pam is relatively new at Paperly, and yet, she already "gets it".  (And we all know what I mean by "get it" - right?)  If nothing else, I hope you appreciate, after watching these videos, how you too can get up-and-running with Paperly very quickly.

Getting Ready
I truly can't say it better than Pam does in this video, it is "so easy to plan and get ready for a party".

Displays on Display
I love how Pam has utilized every flat surface for Paperly's displays. There are so many beautiful products for her customers to view as they roam around the room.  Her set-up is so lively and dynamic.  (My only concern with this type of set-up is you'd hate for a customer to miss something because it was located too peripherally. Food for thought.)

Three Favorites
No surprise, Pam's three favorite products are also some of Paperly's top-sellers: personalized clipboards, wine tags and platters.

Ordering Table
Pam's ordering table has everything she needs to be successful: order forms, an Open Date calendar, wish lists, an attendee list, etc. Plus, I love the "tabbed catalog" that Pam has created for herself. Perhaps that's something Paperly should provide?

Karen, The Hostess
Why can't I say things as elegantly as Paperly's Hostesses?  For example, Pam's Hostess, Karen, succinctly explains why she decided to host a Paperly party - because she loves the products and wanted to introduce them to her friends. Thanks, Karen!

Lynn, The Guest
Why does Lynn love Paperly?  Because she can always "find something new that (she) likes." Her favorite product? The self-inking stamps. Hint, hint, Lynn... you should host a Paperly party in June.  You can earn a free self-inking stamp.

Flat Notes to Write to Grandparents
Karen is going to apply her Hostess Rewards towards a free set of personalized hard-sided coasters (page 8 of Paperly's Special Occasions catalog). A truly wonderful choice, Karen. I especially love your 2nd choice - thank you notes for your son to handwrite a note to his grandparents. Yea! Nothing is more memorable than a handwritten note. (I recommend the Rugby Stripe on page 14 of our Everyday Collection catalog. You can choose both a primary and secondary rugby stripe.)

Word from Pam
No wonder Pam has gotten off to a fast start at Paperly - you can sense her passion through this video. I have no doubt Pam will continue to perform fabulously at Paperly!

Thank you again, Pam, for the amazing video sequence. If you live in Maryland, and you'd like to learn more about Paperly, you can certainly connect with Pam via her website:

And finally, it's my turn with the Flip video recorder - yea! This weekend is Paperly's Inaugural President's Council and I cannot wait to film the event. More on that in the coming days.

Until then, take care.

- Jay Rudman, CEO, Paperly

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