Monday, June 27, 2011

Paperly's First-Ever President's Council

Hard to believe Paperly's first-ever President's Council is already over! Congratulations to the inductees: Bridget Golden, Crystal Langstaff, Gaby Lehmann, DeeDee McCoy and Courtney Rambo. The 3 day event, held in Chicago, was packed with fun and educational events, as you'll see from a glimpse at the agenda below.

Friday night began with a fun, "get to know you" evening at Food Life, a high-energy restaurant located in Chicago's famed Water Tower.

Saturday began with a quick tour of Paperly's corporate headquarters, followed by an inspirational discussion with the day's keynote speaker, Susie Lite. Susie helped the Consultants focus on their "Why Power"! She used the following story to highlight the "Power of Why".
Imagine I'd pay you $20 to walk across a 10' wooden plank on the floor. Would you do it? Of course you would! Now imagine that the 10' wooden plank straddles 2 buildings, suspended 100' in the air. Would you do it for $20? Probably not. Now again imagine that same scenario but you're on the roof of one building and your children are on the other and that building is on fire. Now would you walk that plank, regardless of the $20 or not? Of course you would!
Susie's point? The only thing that changed in that last scenario is your "Why". Once you know your "Why", nothing can stop you.

The remainder of Saturday included a sneak peek at Paperly's future as well as a glimpse at some of Paperly's new products and designs. We finished the session with all 5 participants receiving an award as inductees into Paperly's President's Council.

Courtney Rambo

DeeDee McCoy

Gaby Lehmann

Crystal Langstaff

Bridget Golden

We finished a long Saturday with a scrumptious meal at Rosebud, a famous Chicago eatery.

Again, I wish to congratulate all participants in Paperly's first-ever President's Council, and I cannot wait until next year's.  I hope the inductee list continues to grow and grow and grow.

Jay Rudman, CEO, Paperly 

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