Monday, July 5, 2010

Lessons Learned from "The Council of Dads"

I’ve been very fortunate to have spent the last little bit traveling.  I love travel, because of the sites, the food and the “down-time”.  One of my favorite down-time activities, which I don’t get to do often enough at home, is read.  I just finished “The Council of Dads” by Bruce Feiler.  It’s a warm, touching and tearful book about a father who discovers he has cancer, and so he asks six close friends to be a “council of dads” to his daughters should he lose his battle with cancer.  I highly recommend you read it.

Below is one of my favorite excepts from the book, especially given my role as chief Paperly evangelist.

From page 119 of “The Council of Dads”: Recently, I was speaking to a friend who had lost her father before her first birthday.  The one thing she most missed from her father, she told me, was letters directly from him… My friend shares with me that every year she takes time to write a letter directly to each of her children telling them how much she loves them.

Bruce’s words hit home for me.  On my child’s next birthday, I’m going to write him a letter, on my personal stationery, in my own handwriting, to tell him how much I you love him.  I’m confident he’ll cherish it a lot longer than all the other toys and games he may receive on that day.

Jay Rudman, CEO * Co-Owner, Paperly

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